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Meditation on Loving Kindness (scientifically proven to improve Happiness)

Meditation on Loving Kindness (scientifically proven to improve Happiness)

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Genetics, Life and “Choice”
Happiness Robbers
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The Hows of Happiness
Breaking Unhappy Habits


Frank Clayton with Dino and Shannon Watt on The Business of Marriage, September 28, 2011

Frank Clayton with Shantel McBride on “Inspiring Conversations” K-TALK, February 26, 2012

Hour #1    Hour #2
The Happiness Boost on
#1 The Happiness Boost takes off, aired February 9, 2011
#2 What Happiness Is, aired February 16, 2011
#3 Interview with Student from Happiness 101, aired February 23, 2011
#4 Why We Are Not Happy, aired March 2, 2011
#5 Interview with musician Gary Stoddard, aired March 9, 2011
#6 Happiness Boost from Kafeneio Coffeehouse, aired March 16, 2011
#7 Interview with Life Vision Guru, Ann Webb, aired March 23, 2011
#8 Interview with psychologist and documentary film-maker, Lisa Cypers Kamen, aired March 30, 2011

Frank Clayton on Harvesting Happiness radio with Lisa Cypers Kamen

Frank Clayton on the Kathy Lee Parker Show
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