Happiness Social

Kafeneio Coffeehouse (258 West 3300 South)

Saturday, April 1st 2017 2-4pm

Social support is a huge piece of the puzzle of Happiness.  The Happiness Social brings together people interested in two things: feeling Happier and making new friends.  Each Happiness Social is a completely different experience – you never know exactly what you’re going to get.  What you CAN count on is a warm, caring and friendly environment where new people are quickly put onto same level playing field as frequent flyers.  Special emphasis is placed on helping everyone feel comfortable. People frequently marvel at how they walk in strangers and walk out feeling like family.

Here are a few comments from the most recently Happiness Social:

  • “Had a great evening! Felt like there was a connection with everyone at the group! Great ideas to think about and apply in my personal life.”
  • “I always enjoy the meetups here. They are well organized and impart a lot of good information, besides being fun.”
  • “Great people. It is nice getting to know everyone. Frank always keeps it lively.”
  • “It was a lot of fun…. Got to know some new friends as well.”

Kafeneio Coffeehouse provides lots of space, a friendly staff, great food along with hot and cold drinks (ask about our very own delicious and nutritious drink: The Happiness Boost.

Kafeneio Coffeehouse is located at 258 West 3300 South, Salt Lake City. Click here for directions.

A Thank You to Our Sponsor

KafeneioKafeneio Coffeehouse is home to the monthly Happiness Socials. Social Support is a very important part of the Happiness formula and Kafeneio Coffeehouse is giving us a chance to get together there. They gave great coffee with a Greek twist. Yes! They do have tasty Greek pastries too.  

Location: 258 West 3300 South, Salt Lake City.

Phone: 801-485-1282

Website: http://www.kafeneiocoffee.com/